How would an Objectivist go about constructing a constitution?

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Socialism, How did we get here? Is there something better?

Why is socialism still surviving? Why is it not rejected for an obviously better system? Are there worse systems?

We started with Kings and/or Tyrants. Everyone postured for advantage against the monarch’s whims. Such beautiful clothes masking such cut-throat treachery. Socialism was such a huge improvement over that almost the whole world adopted it. We get to vote once in a while. If things get really bad we can complain and the government can’t just kill us. Although they may resort to slander.

It leaves tons of room for politicians to develop. Controlling votes becomes so entrenched in the system almost everyone forgets in was supposed to be a free vote. There are several big flaws in a so called democratic vote. One is you will get almost nothing done because there is no deal to which 100% of the voters will agree on. So then, the rules are changed so you only need a majority, 51%. This is the tyranny of the majority. Even this is too inefficient because many people, having a choice, will not vote. So we degenerate to a place where only 51% of the people that vote are needed. Socrates was ordered to be put to death by a vote because he strongly and vehemently disagreed with the council he belonged to. I wasn’t there of course, but it appears to have been a violation of freedom of speech and an eternal condemnation of democracy.  None of this is news. Alas, this recreates a feudal system that “the people” were trying to get rid of.

I believe Socialism is a logical step forward from a typical feudal tyranny, but it is not a place to stop as it will quickly degenerate back to dark times.  No matter what fashion finery groups wear, a mob is a mob. A mob that takes valuables from individuals is committing suicide because almost nobody will continue to create values they are not allowed to keep.  Individuals require protected rights. The government body violating  individual rights means the society in question is going down the tubes. It is pretty simple to understand.


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Another Disastrous US Election on the Horizon

I never thought the American people would reject such an obvious choice as Ted Cruz for president. Now I find myself hoping Trump wins. How can this be? Doesn’t the establishment know what deep do-do we are in? The government body, as it is, cannot fix it.

I wonder what Ted Cruz is going to do now? Perhaps he will just keep on being a senator. He has plenty of time to put his name on the ballot. Curious, He has not said very much about what he is going to do.

I have little hope for a good outcome in the US election this year.

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Alexander R. Cohen-The Objective Values in the Magna Carta

Hi everyone,

I haven’t written for a while but I wanted to keep this one close. I didn’t know much about the Magna Carta before. I didn’t realize it was an 800 year evolution in law that continues to be argued over to this day. Beautifully presented, Alexander makes the last 800 years seem like a brief but hard fought battle for individual rights. The writing and implementation of the USA Constitution is only a logical step in this long process that started with the signing of the Magna Carta into law. Well worth the hour to watch. It puts the struggle for individual rights into a scope of perspective I have not previously attained. People have been fighting for individual rights for a long, long time and the battle is not over. This beautiful timeline gives us so much perspective on direction I must recommend everyone watch it.

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How did gang rape ever get anything but cowardly?

I saw a news clip somewhere. Brad Pit and wife Angelina Jolie are spearheading a massive campaign to stamp out rape in war zones. There is a lot of support from the well dressed people at conventions, of course. Who could/would defend it?  I don’t understand why the media tries so hard to sanitize it. Why do we not call out these cowards with every humiliating and demeaning phrase that was ever written? They are the lowest of the low. A man’s own mother should spit in his face for this. Held down by his father if necessary. They should be disinherited and disowned with malice. Anything they ever said should be disregarded. George Washington ordered that a wooden cross mark the site of Benedict Arnold’s grave because he didn’t want his name commemorated in brass or stone. As I understand it. The family, to this day, does not mention his name. I think this sums up the sentiment.

Take away any possible status that could possibly exist and I think the problem will be exponentially diminished.

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Regrets and the Bucket List

There has been a lot of talk about these so called bucket lists lately. Things that you must include on your bucket list. I think the point has been missed.  Perhaps appropriate and inappropriate regrets makes more sense. I should have nailed that man or woman? A terrible inappropriate regret. How about travel? Must we see every site with our own eyes? I’m not crazy about traveling. For myself, I like to have some reason to go. I want to retire in a place where me and my buddies work on custom cars all day and have rock/blues jam sessions all night. That is a place want to see.

I think a regret for me would be never owning a Gibson Les Paul. I have been shopping for years. I know a lot about them. The finish, the choice of pickups, accessories. If I had $4k-$20k sitting cold in a bank it probably wouldn’t be an issue. I know I will probably only have one. So I entertain myself by trying to get the best value I can. It’s getting close.

I saw a youtube video the other day. This eight year old girl was shredding a guitar better than Eddie Van Halen and I almost gave up playing. Then I saw an older youtube of her’s and I realized I play about as well as this child when she was about seven. Not a whole lot more encouraging. But this thought of quitting has disturbed me. Why would I do such a thing? Why would I even think of it? I didn’t start to play to compete with her. I have done my own thing with music every day since I started. I have been taught almost nothing. I have had little contact with musicians over the years. My interest must literally sustain itself and that’s OK.

I seems to come back to the old expression that says it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. Now the journey is a big question I will dig into at a future post because there is a lot of places you don’t need to go. Put some thought into where you want to go. I believe you will find it’s as much of a philosophical journey as physical travel. The Americans call it the pursuit of happiness.

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Objectivism as a Sport

I think I mentioned Google trends before. I have been experimenting with it for a while. It is amazing for comparing general interest in subjects over time. They use a 10 year graph for everything. Google allows you to compare up to 5 search terms at a time and change individual ones to suit.

As a Sport, we are up against it in terms of popularity. We do beat out a few Sports. In complete seriousness they included: Alligator wrestling, Turtle Racing, Cockroach Racing, Camel Racing, Bicycle Polo, Cow Racing. Actually the Camel Racing had me worried but you get the Idea. A few Sports we didn’t beat include: Base jumping, sky diving, curling, Beer Pong, Mini Golf, Dodgeball. Tough competition.
Also interesting is neither Objectivism or any of the Sports I mentioned beats a general Philosophy or Politics search query. As sports, Politics and Philosophy in general crush Objectivism and novelty Sports. You mentioned Chess, It compares well with Politics/Philosophy, beating them by only about 50% except during major elections. Now if you compare Sports like Football, Hockey, Baseball. Football scales at 75%, Baseball and Hockey hit 10-20%, and Politics and Philosophy are 2-3%, We don’t do well against the big boys. Football is definitely where we want to be but we are a few levels below that. Before we can go for power we have to beat Beer Pong and start competing with Politics/Philosophy head to head. Perhaps beating Chess is a logical goal.
One other thing. Politics and Philosophy in general have almost identical interest, Following each others peaks and valleys. They go together. I think we should be aiming for that level of interest right away.
Juggling statistics is very interesting to me. I could do this part. Also, there is a little Math, Psychology, and card play. It’s a lot to do at once but the payoff could be huge.

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Charles Ponzi and our tax system

Charles Ponzi was a small time hustler. The only image of him appears to be a mugshot with a number plate hanging around his neck. There are other descriptions of ponzi  schemes out here. I won’t try to copy them. It is only the philosophical implications I am interested in. I think warnings against ponzi schemes should be written into the constitution. That would of course leave the government body culpable if they engaged any. There seems to be an interesting difference between the nature of government and the nature of business here. The government body can’t use methods designed for business. The government body will never make a profit so it can’t use methods designed to make a profit. It will crash. At the same time. Business can’t use methods designed for government. It will also crash and with  even harsher consequences to the perpetrators.

People that create and run ponzi schemes work every hard to ultimately crash and burn as only they can.  Someone smart enough to set up a ponzi scheme, as dumb as they are, is smart enough to figure out the consequences. It’s hard to think of our tax system as a small time hustle, it’s so big. However, that’s what it basically is. What do we do with hustlers? We auction their shoes to repay their victims.

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Jettison the Constitution? Let’s say NO!

I found this article:

I missed this article when it first came out. It seems there was not very much interest. I know the feeling. I will accept “jettison the constitution” as a point of view. I do not agree. It is not that simple. The problems with the country and the world were not caused by the USA constitution. The flaws in the document could not be avoided. The original constitution was so important that I believe the founding fathers made some hard choices and hoped things would be improved in the future. Many of these improvements have not yet happened but that is no reason to completely reject the idea of a constitution.


The USA constitution as it sits may have to be completely rewritten. However, for myself, I will not accept a new constitution unless it is formally accepted and ratified by congress. Until then, I will defend it exactly as it is.

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Thank you Ebay!

I have been a regular ebay buyer for about the last fifteen years or so. Having a worldwide marketplace has really changed the way I/we buy stuff. I have bought a variety of things over the years. All the parts for a computer, a guitar, a microphone, and the list goes on. Prices so low I didn’t have to compare. It’s fun.

A few weeks ago something happened that never happened before. The price of something I wanted was lower at the hardware store than on ebay. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I checked it several times, there was no mistake. It is a coffee grinder. It’s a good Cuisinart with a hopper. I have one identical and after years of daily use the head of the grinder is just blunt. So we decided to just buy a new one. The prices on ebay were higher than I expected and with the cost of shipping it just put the price point over the top. The hardware store has it’s own in-house shipping so there was no extra cost for it. That made the difference. So, now, ebay sellers, for the first time, have competition. From, of all places, Canadian Tire. It is a wild, wild world. 🙂

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