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Steve Irwin, We’ll miss you

He’s gone, The Crocodile Hunter is dead. I find myself thinking about him today. His name seems to be right in there with Pope John Paul and the Dali Lama for notoriety. Killed by an animal,Âa stingray, off the great barrier reef.

I remember two years ago when he almost fed his son to a crocodile. He seemed to be breaking every rule about crocodiles he ever taught us, they are wild animals you can love but not trust.

I always enjoyed his show up to then. I won’t look at snakes and crocodiles the same, they have their place.

I wish he had been more careful, but that wasn’t his way. He died as he lived, on the edge.

The world is a poorer place today.

Farewell Steve

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The world’s fastest Indian

On a lighter note, I have been thinking about the story of Burt Munro ever since I saw the movie. The guy had all qualities we Objectivists look for in a hero.

He did it his own way. It never even occurred to him to do it any other way. Owned that bike for fifty seven years until his death in 1978. It was a central point of his adult life.

In 1967 at Bonnetville, he willed that old Indian scout up to an estimated 206 mph, It’s estimated because he had some problems and actually had to slow down, if you call 201 mph slow. The world land speed record reads: the fastest streamlined motorcycle under 1000cc

I can’t help but think that this must be a cronic headache at Kawasaki reseach & development. They have some of the fastest, firebreathing, crouchrockets on the planet and they are still chasing an old man on a 1920 Indian Scout. How many millions have they spent trying to best him, they would probably be embarrassed to say. Way to go Burt.

Maybe if Indian motorbikes had hired him for a design consultantÂthe companyÂwould still be around today. Â

I think Miss Rand would have liked him.

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I’m still here

From Jeff Olstad

I’m just sitting here listening to a new collection of Blues I’ve been dying to get into for a month or two, I guess time flies when crisis mode cuts into sleep period for too many months at a time. I’m hoping for a few months of casual crisis management mode, lets keep our fingers crossed.

Thank you Prodos for that list of my contemporaries you sent today. I am having a good time checking them all out. I went to the main site but I couldn’t find the list anywhere so I’ll keep the email and use that until the list is available.

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Aristotle, Plato and the rest of the old guard

From Jeff Olstad

I make a habit of using the first name or a nickname for the philosophers of our past, I have a few reasons for this: 1# even 2500 years is not that long, I consider it all modern history. 2# I think, as Objectivist minded individuals, we have earned the right to speak as philosophers. So, the old guard are merely contemporaries or rivals, not godlike figures we may not question. They were all men, (or women), all capable of mistakes. 3# I find it helpful to consider them equal, to explain I always look at their work on it’s own merrits. I don’t discount it because it’s old and I’ll fry them if it’s bad enough. I don’t care who they are or when.

This is my point of view.


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Thomas Jefferson

From Jeff Olstad

Welcome, All Objectivist Minded Individuals

In the spring of 1776, TJ here, In the middle of a big ugly conference, somewhat reluctantly, set about writing the preamble for a constitution.

I have no documentation, but my guess is he went outside and said to himself, “What the hell do I do now”. Being the book worm he was, and being quite far from home, I think he went down to the local library, checked out a copy of a book that was at that time almost one hundred years old. John Locke’s, Two Treaties of Government.

You would think in the last three hundred and sixteen years someone would written something more advanced. No, John Locke is still on the leading edge.
Way to go John.

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