How would an Objectivist go about constructing a constitution?

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I like words, perticularly words like this. Cosmopolitan isn’t just an interesting sounding name for a magazine. It means: “Citizen of the world”. What a great concept. No borders, Live and work anywhere you want and have the resources to do just that. What a world it would be.

These days borders are closing. They are harder and harder to get through. You can’t just do business or seek employment were you want.

I want that word back

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Genocide/Ethnic cleanzing

I have been having an increasingly hard time with this phrase “Ethnic Cleanzing” It’s bad enough that Genocide still exists in the world. But to have Intelligent, educated people in the media using a phrase to describe it, that makes it sound like everyone in that poor country is getting a shower is unforgivable. Nevermind the parallel to the gas chambers that were made to look like showers. Nevermind that the order to use the phrase comes from high goverment because if the media said genocide the world would have to do something about it.

It’s a bad word, The media should stop using it.

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911, five years later

From Jeff Olstad

Hi Gang,

Even in the Amsterdam News people are talking about little else but 911 today. It hit the world hard. It’s still hard for me to think about, perhaps not in the way most people think about it though. The complex is not yet rebuilt. They started cleaning up the mess before the dust cleared. They completed the clean up in about three months. So far, four years and nine months we have waited. The plans sit stored somewhere, they might as well be in Frank Lloyd Wrights never built file. I still think it should be two towers and they should be taller.

We can’t hide from the people who do this, We must resolve to rebuild it again and again if nesassary. Ever bigger and better. So when the crazies think about it they will know a taller building will be spitting in their eye very soon.


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Ted Robert Gurr’s Counterterrorism Ideas

Thank’s to Jim for pointing me in the right direction for solving this problem.

I did a search, came up with this site

It outlines terrorist groups and their administration problems, Fasinating stuff. I think the key part for Objectivist purposes is their fund raising problems.

The paper explains the cronic problem of funding. It proves the only way a terrorist organization can survive long term is to have broad based financial support from the citizenry.

It is the philosophical reason that people give money to these organizations that we must combat. If the reasons were solved the reason to give money would be gone and the terror would lose it’s teeth.


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Philosophical War

It has occurred to me that the whole premise of modern war is all messed up. We fight the believers but not their belief. Why? Because they won’t listen to reason perhaps. I say perhaps because has anyone ever tried? Ayn Rand left us a ton of fully thought out information. Has anyone made a talk show about it? I understand Dr. Peikoff has a radio show local to LA, but is that even to the level of a four times daily, in your face, Judge show?

We are going to war, thousands of people getting killed andÂthe opponentsÂare afraid of a debate. Why are we fighting? Let’s have the truth a six year old could understand. Let’s talk about it. People are dying and the world leaders and the media are protecting the Status Que of BS. Does anyone have the bravery to sit in a quiet room and talk about the hardest subjects in the world without theatrics?

It’s very hard for an Objectivist. How do you do that with a nut?

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Civil Police

It occurred to me that the police are really only setup to act on crimes of violence and illegal business activity.

What if we had “civil police”. They could handle street level contract disputes, Property disputes between family members that currently can only be handled by a family court judge. Domestic disputes before they become violent, it’s a civil contract after all, the terms of marrage are an unlimited partnership but it is still a binding contract and a little street level help interpreting of the law of the contract would probably save countless marrages.

Police generally don’t care about property to much, it’s a nuisense. Civil police would have a different mandate, property would be their thing. Property rights would be their province to protect. Sure, they could and should call for backup when they need muscle but using physical force would not be their thing.

That’s a quick note on the idea, It needs lots more development.


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Political biased in the media

The way the news media runs itself has been a sore spot with me for a long time. MaybeÂI just notice it more now but their political biased seems to bear it’s naked soul more often then it used too.

I have, of course, been watching the bs, I mean conflict in the middle east. It disturbs me that every single bomb and casualty that lands on the Lebannon side of the border is reported and the media does it’s best to downplay the bombs that land in Israel.

Israel has been under almost daily attack for years (decades). Israel has apparently had enough. They have started retaliating right away. The world media raves about the “innocent civilians” on the islam side of the war. Hardly a mention of them in Israel. Apparently there are no innocent civilians in Israel. Not even children on a school bus. Did they think I would forget?

This one sided reporting could be no accident and is unforgivable.

I have seen the “six o’clock news” deliberately confuse issues by saying they didn’t understand them. The news media doesn’t have the Right to proudly say they don’t understand something. It’s their job to know, and find out if they truly don’t know.

The news media lets us down everyday and I’m tired of it.

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Does anyone here understand Kurd?

It occurs to me that there may be a language barrier here. I have tried to get an online translater for arabic and kurd, but they do not seem to exist. I have read a comparisons of christianity and islam. They are not so different. It is difficult to even find a key point that is worth fighting over.

There is a story I heard recently that indicates the language barrier goes both ways. A Canadian was kidnapped in Iraq, held for a few months and then rescued by British Forces, many thanks. In the interview, He told a storyÂabout Chrismas that year. He said his captors missed chrismas by a couple of days. Anyway, somehow somewhere they learned of their oversight. They didn’t understand the chrismas celibration but they somehow figured out it had something to do with Jesus Christ’s birthday. So these people baked a cake and sang happy birthday. What a sweet, sad, headspinning headache of a misunderstanding.

Is it possible the whole conflict is just a misunderstanding?

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Professional Philosophers

I heard a shory on the radio recently. This guy with a Ph.D in philosophy was complaining that there are no jobs as philosophers. He ended up teaching History. This statement makes me shake my head on many different levels.

One: They are philosophers, If there really are no jobs in philosophyÂit is their job to say why.

Two: Where should these jobs be? Also a philosphers job to say, I will assist: MinisterÂof Philosophy, Major General of Philosophy, Vice-president in charge of philosophy, Philosophy editor, School assistant superintendant in charge of philosophy, Overseeing Philosopher in charge of water, power, and road systems.

Three: There are jobs in philosophy. They are just not called that. Writers, editors, bureaucrats in charge of making public decisions, Judges, Religious ministers, You get the idea.

It won’t work with anyone that ever tries to sidestep responsiblity. Whatever their decision they must stick with it and back it up with the best documentation avaliable, or resign. It will be something to see.

I heard a singer/musician say something that I think applies. If you do it as a hobby, expect hobby results. To get the best results you must do it fulltime.

That’s it for today

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The Magic of Shipping

Do you ever remember seeing a movie where a group of adventurers is hiking through the Amazon delta or the Himilayas or on safaria in Africa, stumble into a bar, and there sits an old piano, and the most amazing thing anyone in the picture sees is that someone in their party knows how to play? That person complains it’s out of tune.

How did it get there? How did a 500 pound item from Chicago land up in Katmandu? Shipping. Even the person in Katmandu who orginally bought the piano knew little of their piano’s journey, except for the cost of it. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, it could be a house or a letter. Thousands of people do their part to get it delivered.

No one living today does not have a part in the shipping industry. If you could find a person, living in a cave that made their own clothes for animal skin, maybe then. If they have a can of soup in that cave they participate in the shipping industry. Not just a simple connection to the local store either, The whole thing, right from the ancient messipitameians, Through the development of metal, and language, accounting, everything that made our modern world. There has been a world wide economy, as long as there has been shipping. Order it, and it will come, Magic.

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