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New Government’s, Keep your head down

Here in Canada, we just elected a new government. They are really trying to do good. They have set about keeping their campain promises. Why do I sound unhappy? BecauseÂthere is only oneÂof the five things they are doing I could agree with, the rest are a huge waste of money. Here it is right off my MP’s newsletter and questionair: Accountability, cut the GST, get tough on crime, 1,200 dollar childcare allowance, wait time guarantee.

Accountability: Is this to be considered a major overhaul of the federal system to make it to hard and to dangerous to cheat? I doubt it. Some politician say’s Accountability it probably means a new level butt covering will be required in Parliment.

Cut the GST: The only thing I can agree with. I am of course not into reform, but if the feds unilaterally want to cut the Goods and services tax, (7% on top of all other taxes) Who am I to discourage it.

Get tough on crime: check the condition of your steel underware. Everytime the government says it wants to get tough on something or someone, it means rights violations across the board. There are too many laws that violate rights already. Strict enforcement and aggressive tactics only makes the coming of the new police states quicker.

$1,200 dollar Childcare allowance: This one drives me wild; First, another $100.00 dollars per month in this country won’t do much. $700.00 per month is a bargain for daycare. It will cost taxpayers a billion dollars and it won’t provide full months of daycare. Unless the primary parent can go to work, it’s a pointless waste of money.

Wait time guarantees: to get into hospitals for operations, three months to indefinitely is pretty typical. It would not be a problem if private health insurance and hospital care was permitted

So my MP is asking for my opinion of this plan, I’m having a hard time thinking of anything nice.

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The Venture Party

From Jeff Olstad

When I was thinking about a name for a new political party, I wanted no mistake about it’s vision. Capitalist party would not have worked, It would only be seen as a new right wing party. We needed something entirely new, Basing a new political party on a new philosophy is bold, but what else can we do. There has never before in history been a political party that’s constitution was completely devoid of socialism, but this one will be. There is no point in making any concessions. It is not being built simply to win a election. If it were flawed it would be dismissed by the masses. It will have a tough enough time winning as it is.

So where do we begin, with John Locke.


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