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Troubles with the Blog

There are days when I can’t post because I can’t get to the dashboard. I discovered a back door today. If I hit edit on any post the dashboard will come up, then all you have to do is click write again and it clears. On with your day.

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I’m still here

From Jeff Olstad

I’m just sitting here listening to a new collection of Blues I’ve been dying to get into for a month or two, I guess time flies when crisis mode cuts into sleep period for too many months at a time. I’m hoping for a few months of casual crisis management mode, lets keep our fingers crossed.

Thank you Prodos for that list of my contemporaries you sent today. I am having a good time checking them all out. I went to the main site but I couldn’t find the list anywhere so I’ll keep the email and use that until the list is available.

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Hooray for Capitalism & Creativity!

Congratulations on your new THINKER TO THINKER blog!

Edit or delete this message, then start blogging!

To edit or delete this message: Log in (if you’re not already logged in) -> Site Admin -> Manage -> Edit or Delete.

To write a new message: Log in -> Site Admin -> Write -> Write Post

If you’re so happy you feel you really MUST sing: CLICK HERE!


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