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Month: September 2006


I like words, perticularly words like this. Cosmopolitan isn’t just an interesting sounding name for a magazine. It means: “Citizen of the world”. What a great concept. No borders, Live and work anywhere you want and have the resources to do just that. What a world it would be.

These days borders are closing. They are harder and harder to get through. You can’t just do business or seek employment were you want.

I want that word back

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Genocide/Ethnic cleanzing

I have been having an increasingly hard time with this phrase “Ethnic Cleanzing” It’s bad enough that Genocide still exists in the world. But to have Intelligent, educated people in the media using a phrase to describe it, that makes it sound like everyone in that poor country is getting a shower is unforgivable. Nevermind the parallel to the gas chambers that were made to look like showers. Nevermind that the order to use the phrase comes from high goverment because if the media said genocide the world would have to do something about it.

It’s a bad word, The media should stop using it.

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911, five years later

From Jeff Olstad

Hi Gang,

Even in the Amsterdam News people are talking about little else but 911 today. It hit the world hard. It’s still hard for me to think about, perhaps not in the way most people think about it though. The complex is not yet rebuilt. They started cleaning up the mess before the dust cleared. They completed the clean up in about three months. So far, four years and nine months we have waited. The plans sit stored somewhere, they might as well be in Frank Lloyd Wrights never built file. I still think it should be two towers and they should be taller.

We can’t hide from the people who do this, We must resolve to rebuild it again and again if nesassary. Ever bigger and better. So when the crazies think about it they will know a taller building will be spitting in their eye very soon.


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Steve Irwin, We’ll miss you

He’s gone, The Crocodile Hunter is dead. I find myself thinking about him today. His name seems to be right in there with Pope John Paul and the Dali Lama for notoriety. Killed by an animal,Âa stingray, off the great barrier reef.

I remember two years ago when he almost fed his son to a crocodile. He seemed to be breaking every rule about crocodiles he ever taught us, they are wild animals you can love but not trust.

I always enjoyed his show up to then. I won’t look at snakes and crocodiles the same, they have their place.

I wish he had been more careful, but that wasn’t his way. He died as he lived, on the edge.

The world is a poorer place today.

Farewell Steve

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Ted Robert Gurr’s Counterterrorism Ideas

Thank’s to Jim for pointing me in the right direction for solving this problem.

I did a search, came up with this site

It outlines terrorist groups and their administration problems, Fasinating stuff. I think the key part for Objectivist purposes is their fund raising problems.

The paper explains the cronic problem of funding. It proves the only way a terrorist organization can survive long term is to have broad based financial support from the citizenry.

It is the philosophical reason that people give money to these organizations that we must combat. If the reasons were solved the reason to give money would be gone and the terror would lose it’s teeth.


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Philosophical War

It has occurred to me that the whole premise of modern war is all messed up. We fight the believers but not their belief. Why? Because they won’t listen to reason perhaps. I say perhaps because has anyone ever tried? Ayn Rand left us a ton of fully thought out information. Has anyone made a talk show about it? I understand Dr. Peikoff has a radio show local to LA, but is that even to the level of a four times daily, in your face, Judge show?

We are going to war, thousands of people getting killed andÂthe opponentsÂare afraid of a debate. Why are we fighting? Let’s have the truth a six year old could understand. Let’s talk about it. People are dying and the world leaders and the media are protecting the Status Que of BS. Does anyone have the bravery to sit in a quiet room and talk about the hardest subjects in the world without theatrics?

It’s very hard for an Objectivist. How do you do that with a nut?

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