It always amazes me: People get jobs in places they cannot afford to buy a home, Buy a home 1,2,2 1/2,3 hours from work and then live in their car on the road in heavy traffic. Does time mean nothing to these people? They have the same 24 hours per day as everyone else.

The inverse is also true: People get a job in a not so nice town where they could well afford a home. The towns not good enough for them. So they commute 1 to 3 hours to a place they can barely afford and live in their cars on the road.

There are so many things wrong with the phenominum it’s hard to know where to start.

Gas: It was a trap from the start. People moved to the suburbs because gas was cheaper then the extra cost of a home close to work, then government comes along raises gas tax so we can no longer afford to drive like we did. Example: my father thought little of driving across the country. I, myself measure the value of minor trips to the city.

Time: That time in the car when you risk your life to make a phone call. Everything you want to do day to day, month to month, is not done. including spending time with your family, the hobbies that renew your soul, Keeping up with friends, home projects, etc.

Wear and tear on the car: I recently moved to a place where I don’t have to drive far. Most ammenities are just city blocks away. The car I’m driving that would be shot in another three to four years will probably last twenty years now. Of course, it will have to too pay for the new house, but I saved thousands of hours of time and money to do it.

Thinking: Time to think, you don’t have time for that at work, to dangerous in the car, commitments at home will always overwhelm you because you are gone so much. So when?

Live close to work.


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