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Month: February 2007

Re: Little Mosque on the Praire

Well the serial has been on about a month and I just watched it for the first time. I am suprised, it’s not what I expected. It does have funny parts, just like any other sit-com type show. It’s treatment of Islam is quite respectful in my opinion. The young muslim minister is trying to do a good job of leading a congregation with people at many levels of devotion. Some trying to practice the strictest rules of Islam. Others trying to take a more moderate approach. Still others who fully embrace parts of the faith and strongly reject others.

All seem to be having some trouble reconciling their faith with real life. Not unlike that of Christians and many other faiths.

It is starring people that are, in fact muslims. From their point of view. I learned quite a bit.

It was interesting.

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Bravery and personal combat

The subject of personal bravery has been a pet interest of mine for years. What does it mean? How does a seventy year old politician, perhaps in a wheel chair, contemplate going to war? He/she couldn’t do it themselves with their own hands. Of course it would not be nessassary, but at the same time personal combat is as much if not more a mental state, a mindset.

How does someone who could not defend themselves and in reality would/could, only, at best, talk their way out of an altercation, be expected to plan and/or endorse a commando raid?

They don’t think that way. There was something to be said for the old days when the King led his troups, got his scars, killed and was covered with mud and blood just like the rest of his troups.

At the same time, do we want mike tyson running the world? Good God no.

So how do we do it? How do we create these perfect politicians that can defend rights, kiss babies, talk like good music, and hit like a regiment of green barets?

I think it’s a good question.

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