I have recently purchased a house and I am pleased with the deal. I am however appalled at the quality of the work the average real estate agent does. These people earn 5-7 thousand dollars for every 100k in a house deal. They don’t advertise on time, they don’t get the MLS posted the same day. Their pictures are sometimes good but often quite poor. I just bought a home so I know how important that is to modern real estate sales. They are still trying to minimize houses faults, a catistrophic fault in the industry. knowone can trust anyone in that business. People are making record profits on their house sales and they still overprice their houses. In the town where I live, I call them quarter million dollar dumps.Sellers ask someone to go on the hook for that much money knowingthey are going to make 100k in 1-3 years and they still want 60k more, and they get furious if someone makes them a fair offer. They won’t even paint them a lot of times.

As a buyer I am disgusted.

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