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Month: July 2007

Mikko Ellila, post script

I have been reading as many of the posts of thinker to thinker members as I can. This subject ignited the whole group, everybody reading and commenting on everybody elses posts on a scale never before seen in thinker to

I remember in the movie, An American President. Michael Douglas made a speech I liked. He said: [paraphrazing] “America isn’t easy, you gotta want it bad. Freedom of speechmeans defending someones right to that freedom even if the subject of that speech is so abhorantto you that you would spend your life arguing against it.”

I always liked that speech.

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Mikko Ellila

I have read most of the objectionable posts by this person. He has bad philosophy. Much like a drug addict, or an alcoholic. Try as we might, we cannot change them. Change of this magnitude is a journey that, if ever taken at all, must be taken alone. He is clearly not ready. We should protect ourselves as necessary and forget about him. We have more important things to think about. Being fooled is not comfortable. It happened to Miss Rand, it can and will happen to us, over and over. We can’t stop, we must learn to trust again, and again, and again. This Objectivist lifestyle is a little lonely, and when someone comes along that initiallysounds like a disciple, we, as Objectivists want to believe them. Each time we do and they turn out to be monsters it leaves an uneasy feeling.

Flush’em and let’s go

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