Hi Prodos,

As has become my practice, I just opened the book and grabbed a paragraph. “An essay concerning human understanding, John Locke” Book III, Chapter 1:

“God, Having designed man for a sociable creature, Made him not only with an inclination and under a necessity to have fellowship with those of his own kind, but furnished him also with language, which was to be the great instrument and common tie society. Man therefore had by nature of his organs so fashioned as to be fit to frame articulate sounds, which we call words. But this was not enough to produce language. It was farther necessary that he should be able to use these sounds as signs of internal conceptions, and make them stand as marks for the ideas within his own mind, whereby they might be made known to others.”

Wow, ever hear a better discription of what language is and what it is for? It ties together language and society and ideas and education in one paragraph. Top that anyone?


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