I just looked up Google Trends. It shows the top twenty hot searches It’s like the whole world is obsessed with News/weather 7, Barrack O’bama 3, Don Trump 2, Federal Reserve Bank 2, Hawaii 2, iphone/Carbonite 2, Tim McGraw 1, and the NFL mock draft 1.
I can appreciate the interest in Hawaii. Some basic howto on the iphone would be good if there was any. The rest of the world needs to get a life! What is wrong with everyone! We have almost every bit of information ever written, literally at our fingertips, and this is the best we could do? Tim McGraw!, is he still alive? People, expand your horizons. Pick a new interest, or ten. Remote control model planes have come a long way in the last forty years, have a look. Cameras, It’s mindboogling what they can do, let’s talk about it. The history of the world in geography, the more you learn the more interesting it gets. I haven’t had a “no file found” search in over seven years. See if you can find one and write something about it.
How about it, everyone?

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