How would an Objectivist go about constructing a constitution?

Month: July 2011

Rebuilding a Constitution

Reprinted from my own blog-jeffsobjectivistcorner@yahoo .com-Sun Dec 7, 2003 2:15 pm

>Jeff Olstad
>Hi there,
>I have been told I don’t expand my writing enough, oh well. I was trying
>be philosophical and poetic, write something that might fit on a card. I
>think all of the Constitutions of all of the Countries of the world need
>be rebuilt. Which ever Country is first to build a truly Objectivist style
>of constitution I believe will set the pattern others follow, simply
>it will be so successful it will be unavoidable. I am trying to help
>become accustomed to the idea of changing the constitution. Lots of people
>won’t like it, most will find it scary, but if people start talking about
>like it is at least possible then when the time comes for the serious work
>it might not be so scary.
>Retirement Party for Sir Constitution
> Here’s to a great man, Old man Constitution, Sir. On the job 227
>years now. He is not your typical old man, he is not infirm in mind
>or body. He stands alone and does his job. Keeping our government on
>the straight and narrow. He will continue as long as we want him to.
>He was conceived in a revolution. Spent his youth in the turmoil of
>a nation forming and continues to give valid guidance in our
>changing world. He a little quiet, has a slight tendency to repeat
>himself. But many have gone home bruised and bleeding, physically
>and mentally, mistaking this for weakness.
> He did his job through times when people were quickly hanged for
>stealing horses and is as happy as anyone these times are long past.
>He is 227 years now and he knows he can’t change, not enough. He
>wants his retirement. He wants to meet his replacement, get to know
>him (or her) and rest his mind that the job is well taken care of.
>Until then he will continue, in his quiet way, without complaint.
>I was referring to the US constitution, but it could be anyones. I was
>trying to say we are safe, nothing bad or unpredictable is going to happen
>in relation to the constitution. Changing the constitution needs to be
>strictly above board, done neatly and cleanly, with a seemless transition
>from the old one. everybody knows whats happening. we all have time to
>adjust. The old constitution will be there for us until the moment new one
>is ready, just like a changing of the watch on a ship, the new person
>there, gets his bearings, aquaints themself with any problems or issues
>happening at that moment, and then says “you are relieved”. Thats just my
>Good Day

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Saying the same thing over and over again.

I hate doing it. It frustrates me the it is necessary. I watch Yaron Brook on the videos saying the same thing over and over again and it frustrates me there is nothing new.

I came to the sad conclusion today that that will be our lot in life. Saying it over and over again until the people you are talking to think it was their idea in the first place. We need a plan and for the moment that is it. Try and get happy with repeating yourself. yuk!

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“It’s none of my business?”

I have been criticized for my opinions on the politics of the USA. I have been advised that I am Canadian, The goings on in the USA are none of my concern and I should concentrate on Canadian politics. I find this hard.

The world we live in is more and more cosmopolitan, in the true meaning of the word. Everything that happens these days affects everyone. I can’t see how it matters what country I live in. I try to make positive change in the world. It is only logical I should place my effort where it will do the most good. Whatever they do in the USA, most of the world follows, my country included. So what does it matter? No man is an island? That goes for countries as well. I once learned that nationalism was an experiment. It seems it wasn’t always like this with closed, guarded, restricted borders everywhere.

Countries that did try to close their borders completely were left behind, too embarrassing conclusions. Too save face, most have had to reopen them. So what’s the difference between cross-border commerce and cross-border political activism? If I know enough about a subject for intelligent comment, why shouldn’t I say it? I can’t live in denial and pretend the USA doesn’t exist. So why not try and change it? They have free-speech there. At least they are holding on to it with their fingernails. There is fear there that I don’t feel. I can say what I want.

Aim for the philosophical root of any subject and put it under a magnifying glass until it’s hot.

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Fake Objectivists

It has come to my attention that such a thing is possible. People who walk the walk, talk the talk, even become speakers on the subject that do not believe it, not at all, not for a second. How is this possible? Why? Are these people trying to be spies? There is not very much to hide in Objectivism. The more you learn about Objectivism the more clear it is that it is only reason that individuals of this philosophy are interested in. I don’t care what the truth is, I only want the truth wherever it may be found.
When I come across one of these people I usually that them at face value, at least at first. I don’t change myself. I still talk about my philosophy. About the improvements that could be made in the world if? They usually slip away in a short time. At first, It was a little disappointing. However, as time when on, I came to realize it was the test and they failed. I don’t mean to test people, they are the ones doing the testing.
Sometimes I can actually be suckered. I stand in good company. I believe we want to believe in people. To see the best in them. I think, in a way they also want to be that “best”. All to often however, they do not and will actually go against themselves. It’s a sad sight every time. To be an Objectivist a person has to make up their to be alone if necessary and it’s hard.
Chin up! I believe there will come a day when we will all wish we were alone again.

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Structural pressures of governing in a capitalist economy and state?

What does this mean? I usually turn a deaf ear to this kind of political babble but I believe this is our part of a speech where the leader of the Communist party endorsed Barrack Obama. Yes endorsed. The Communist Party USA leader, Sam Webb intends to endorse Barrack Obama in 2012. It boggles the mind.
First, for the leader of any political party to endorse the leader of another party is a contradiction of a scale I have trouble quantifying. It can’t happen. The only thing for that guy to do is quit his party and cross the floor. Something he seems to have no intention of doing. He seems proud of his stand.
Second, Barrack Obama can’t sit still for this. He must do something. An individual in the USA is of course free to say most anything, but the president should immediately reject all objectionable tenets of communism again, for the record. To sit quietly is to endorse them. It will also empower the communist party in the USA in a way never before imaginable.
It often amazes and frequently frustrates me how much difference it makes whom is elected president of the USA. The individuals of the world usually know within a month or two of an election how it is going to be. The last four presidents have been one train wreck after another and I’m not sure about Reagan. It shouldn’t matter who is president, but it does. The individuals of this world require a better individual in that office.

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