I never expected good reviews. It isn’t reasonable to expect all the terrible departments and groups and lobbies and media that make there living off this failing condition in our world to stand up and defend the Atlas Shrugged movie, is it?┬áThese people will latch on to anything trying to defend Altruism. It always amazes me that no Altruist ever even tries to make an argument on technical points. I know they can’t, they would sound like buffoons. However, they should try to defend their philosophy. The Atlas Shrugged Movie was showed at 299 theaters and it made 5 million dollars. What if it have been showed at them all? The movie industry is it’s own worst enemy. All those people are wheelchair cripples from repeatedly shooting themselves in the feet. The 54 year struggle to make this movie is not surprising. The way it is all intermixed with what is happening in our world right now is approbate.

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