How would an Objectivist go about constructing a constitution?

Month: September 2011

Definition of Communism

I was looking for a good definition of society when I found this. I wanted to keep track of it for reference. Karl was screwed in the head. He didn’t think it through. It makes no sense. However, this well written paragraph sums up nicely what we are up against.

Compare and and contrast the Marxist-Inspired Socialist Party of Eugene Debs with the revolutionary Marxism of the Communists. 

Marxism is a particular political philosophy, economic and sociological worldview based upon a materialist interpretation of history, a Marxist analysis of capitalism, a theory of social change, [ and an atheist view of human liberation derived from the work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The three primary aspects of Marxism are: 1. The dialectical and materialist concept of history — Humankind’s history is fundamentally that of the struggle between social classes. The productive capacity of society is the foundation of society, and as this capacity increases over time the social relations of production, class relations, evolve through this struggle of the classes and pass through definite stages (primitive communism, slavery, feudalism, capitalism). The legal, political, ideological and other aspects (ex. art) of society are derived from these production relations as is the consciousness of the individuals of which the society is composed. 2. The critique of capitalism — In capitalist society, an economic minority (the bourgeoisie) dominate and exploit the working class (proletariat) majority. Marx uncovered the interworkings of capitalist exploitation, the specific way in which unpaid labor (surplus value) is extracted from the working class (the labor theory of value), extending and critiquing the work of earlier political economists on value. Although the production process is socialized, ownership remains in the hand of the bourgeoisie. This forms the fundamental contradiction of capitalist society. Without the elimination of the fetter of the private ownership of the means of production, human society is unable to achieve further development. 3. Advocacy of proletarian revolution — In order to overcome the fetters of private property the working class must seize political power internationally through a social revolution and expropriate the capitalist classes around the world and place the productive capacities of society into collective ownership.

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Altruist Philosophies

I think I may have coined a phrase. “Altruist Philosophies” does not appear to be in use on Google. At least up to now. From now on I intend to use it to lump together all philosophies that cannot sustain themselves. It’s a pretty exhaustive list that includes most philosophies. However, there are one or two that can sustain themselves with only suicidal tendencies.

I want to put these philosophies  into perspective. Strip their vague, misty, aloof image down to “OK, what have you got for me”. Most will not fare well at all. One or two need a smack and a shake. People need to shop for a philosophy like a jaded used car buyer. They might opt to buy a new untested model instead. The new Objectivist by Rand. “You’ve have never seen anything like it”.

Post Script: After making this post and running the search again Google managed to find 129 results for “altruist philosophies” Oh well, There will be more soon.

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Raid on Gibson Factory/ Aug.24/2011

I am very angry. I just heard about.


These disgusting, soulless bastards at US Fish and Wildlife raided a guitar factory with full commando style SWAT team tactics. How can this be legal? They seized $500,000 worth of rare wood. Effectively shutting down the factory. There needs to be a reckoning. When I write articles and sections for the new constitution it will include procedures for quickly dismantling Rogue departments of government. I want these bozo’s in the unemployment line.

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