In the FB way, we have only just met. When you get to know me better I hope you will come to understand that, coming from me it is a sign of respect to call him by that personal abbreviation. However, for you, I have no emotion about using Friedrich. The study of Philosophy is not so difficult as you might think. We don’t have to memorize all the work of the great thinkers for the last 4000 years. (Thank goodness). All we really have to do is go back as far as we can. Study that Philosopher. Head forward. Add anything that philosopher missing and remove anything we find that is dis-proven. In some ways the old guard Philosophers have it easy. We have no choice but to accept everything they say until dis-proven. Modern day Philosophers like Friedrich have it much tougher. It is their unenviable job to find new insights without taking credit for stuff that was said before. As for Friedrich, I do not subscribe to the theory that chronic pain somehow magically inspires brilliance. Physiologically, chronic pain will shut down a persons intellectual capacity. Friedrich was in pain from chronic headaches most of his adult life. The last ten years was the worst and that is when he did most of his writing. I do not reject his work solely on that basis but he must prove it is original insight. To the best of my knowledge he said nothing that wasn’t said before.

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