Example: In the USA and Canada we do not enforce any countries “right” to own slaves. No countries law permitting murder would be accepted in any court of any country I am aware of. Ritual sacrifice, even when clearly prescribed by a religion’s code is illegal everywhere.  Enforcement of these laws is another matter I table for the moment. There are some laws in this world that are so reprehensible we could not in any way allow them to be enforced in our respective countries.

Now, this bring’s us to laws that take a regiment of lawyers to even identify, much less enforce. Laws cannot be the clubs and guns of tyrants. Governments cannot pick and choose what laws they “feel” like enforcing. If a government body passes a law, there is an expectation they intend to enforce it. A government body can’t pass a law, let it sit for a hundred years unenforced and then hit it with a SWAT team. If a law is to be the law it must be applied evenly. If a law is not enforced it should be removed. If a law violates the constitution, it should be removed. If a law makes living impossible, it should be removed. If a law is rejected by a significant number of citizens it should be removed.

For a government body to cling to laws that are illogical, that no one  subject to them wants, is tyranny that should be dealt with in the harshest political terms.

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