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Month: September 2012

Something is cooking over at CATO

I started a new google alert today. I call it Objectivist news. They have a new president over at CATO, John Allison. I had heard there was a shake up over at CATO. Over the past year or so I have been aware of CATO and it’s similarities to Objectivism. I was not happy with their attempts to high jack Objectivism and call it libertarian-ism. Now, this month, The new president of CATO has said he wants to remake CATO as an Objectivist style think tank. That would be like the Republican Party coming out in support of laissez-faire Capitalism. I don’t know if it will work but the possibilities are to enticing to ignore. here’s the link:

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In Korea with Norm Christie

This is the first modern look I have had at South Korea. It is very interesting on many levels. I see Korea as the embodiment of the current problems of the world. Philosophically and geographically, It is the perfect picture of the success of capitalism, sitting right beside the abysmal failure of communism. Korea has it’s seize fire that has been in effect since 1953. Never any end to the war. They don’t say south Korea in south Korea. They only say Korea. This says to me that it’s not really two countries. It was and still is a political divide. The “south” Koreans have done a remarkable job of cleanup since the end of hostilities. Very little evidence of the war is just lying around. You can hardly take a shovel load in Europe without finding bits of WW2. In Korea, it is quite different. No unexploded bombs, no burned out dead military vehicles, No bombed out buildings, rusty guns and ammo. All seems to be cleaned up.

It is the view of Korea from Space that really hits me.

I consider it a picture of Atlas Shrugging. I think we need to learn the lesson here. We paid for it, but we didn’t learn the lesson. We need to take this apart philosophically. Extract the knowledge and build from there.

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Software Development?

It occurs to me that in the thirty odd years that Microsoft has been the King of computers. They have done very little to improve the maintenance procedures. We still use disk cleanup and Defragmentation. The two utilities fell out of fashion for a while but I have found in recent years they are as good as anything for tuning up your PC. Why do they not work automatically? Why don’t they run whenever there is processor time available? Perhaps the eggheads at Microsoft are too caught up in building utilities few people want to ever get around to making computers better again. Every day or two a have to spend 2-3 hours on tuning my computer so it works OK. I am tired of it. Why can’t these utilities just run in the background all the time? It couldn’t be that hard to do.

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