I was looking at Google trends. For those who are not familiar it’s an app Google provides to give interested people some idea what’s hot and what’s not on the net. I had a light curiosity this morning and hit cars. It’s disturbing. It’s a near perfect sine wave of interest. Spring and summer being the busiest and December is the least very year. The disturbing part is there is less and less interest very year for at least the last ten years. No bubbles, it’s a perfect slide. Just for myself, I can think of many reasons. However, it all points to money, or lack of what we use to call disposable income. Those days are gone.

I never minded not being able to go to Mexico and I don’t want a new car every two years. It takes me longer than that to get use to one. I do mind having to cut back on groceries. Maybe I have been faring better than some people if I haven’t noticed it so bad but it makes me angry.

The last time I was interested in a car I had a hard time finding one. There was no suitable used cars around. I had to buy new. Five years later, You can buy anything you want, any year, any mileage, any price. If you want a used car it’s a Mecca. New cars are better too. The prices are coming down a little. Gas economy is finally heading up over 60MPG.

But nobody’s buying. People are figuring out how to live without long drives. Even fifteen years ago I would have thought very little of driving to the next town for donuts. Not now. Every trip out of town is serious business. We have to make the most of it. We know it’s a $100.00 every time. Money that is better spent elsewhere. So we don’t. We miss it but we can’t do it very often at all.

I try to think of ways to save money but it’s nearly impossible if you want to maintain a modern standard of living and I do. So, for the foreseeable future I have bought my last car. I really don’t know how I will pay for my next car. I just try to get the most out of the one I have. I think if I am compelled to be this way it must be very common and not likely to change without a major shift in political ideology.

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