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Month: December 2012

New Philosophers

I occurs to me that some encouragement for new philosophers is in order. It’s easy to think everything has been said and/or tried. It hasn’t. Most of the best thinkers of the last 2000 years were just people who pondered life. Most latched on to some insight they found from previous centuries and run with it without thinking it through. Ayn Rand was different. She did read all the previous stuff. Most of it can give you a headache. Miss Rand herself had to go all the way back to Aristotle to find anything worth building on. That’s almost 2400 years ago. She identified his flaws. Agreed with the questions he himself was unable to answer and built from there.

So what does a philosopher think about? Global warming? LOL! :). More likely, a philosopher tries to figure out what to do about the hoax. Or how about world peace? We are armed to the teeth and we can’t even protect women from rapists. If any dumb-assed think-tank wants to theorize a solution to something, try that. How are we going to dismantle the bulk of government without anarchy? Any ideas? These are the kind of questions new philosophers will have to tackle.

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Enduring Friendship

What does this mean? What is life-long friendship? What is the reason for the use of the word “enduring” in the statement? Most people use the word friend regularly. However, often their definition seems to be something more temporary. You can grow up to be consultant to Kings. Why is it someone we knew in grammar school knows us best of all? They won’t buy our BS and they will laugh right in our faces if we try to sell it. Sometimes, Relatives can become friends but it’s not fair. It’s not breakable or strictly voluntary. More of an alliance sometimes. A friendship completely removed from family connections is special and unique. Also, often quite rare. One observation I have made is I don’t miss them. Not while they are alive. Because we are never really apart. Of course it’s great to see them when we do and it’s nice to have some new material for conversation, but in a curious way it’s not necessary. You don’t know going in if a friendship is going to last. Often, they start out great and fade. However, it is the enduring ones that we hold close in our hearts. Love doesn’t really work. Love is much more fragile.

I wonder what it would be like if a buddy from high school stopped by to see the president of the USA. Not the ones that have been hovering around all along for political reasons. The ones that don’t. They might argue, but let’s say they didn’t. Maybe they would talk about the old swimming hole, riding their bikes down a crazy steep hill, perhaps girls they never actually dated. The friend would probably ask if he was OK. The president would probably say he has had some stuff on his mind. The friend would say something like “take care of yourself” “really”. Then they would part. Of all the meetings a president has in his term he would probably remember that one.

These are probably the friendships that deserve the most effort, but usually are the worst neglected. I guess that’s because they can be.

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