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Month: April 2013

North Korea, How do you fix a country?

There has been a lot of interest in North Korea lately. Sure, they have been experimenting and developing nuclear devices. Not good. Weither Kim happily gives up or we have actually put him out of business seems to be a step that will happen soon. He crossed the line you dare not cross. His destiny is set.

So where do we go from here? I have been working on the problem. It occurs to me that we could look at this as a project in need of a creative solution. We don’t know how to fix a country. It’s not a large country and it needs everything from the constitution up. So how do we do it? If we do a really good job it could be duplicated. We need our best minds to think this through. You can’t think of everything in advance but I believe a huge amount the initial thought can be done before much earth is moved. The more efficiently we can set things up the quicker things can be get to a modern standard of utility headed towards privilege for the bulk of the population of North Korea. I think the first thing to do is get the power back on using whatever electrical infrasturcture they find still standing. That will take investment and we will have to figure out the best way to impliment this while protecting individual rights.

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Keep track of Key Laws

To say laws are not created equal would be an understatement. Many are dead ends in themselves. Many make so little sense know one is interested in trying to enforce them. Aside from being a waste of paper they do little to help or destroy our society. These laws are not the problem.

The key laws I refer to are ones like the Sherman anti-trust laws, the laws that say children must go to school or else. Or how about the environmental laws that virtually shut down profitable business. Lack of freedom doesn’t work and is a disgrace to every country. Why not try freedom? Just for the hell of it.

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USA, $70 trillion in debt

It makes me laugh a bitter laugh. How much money is that? How do “the big they” even calculate such a number? I had to use an exponent calculator. That much money would buy 300 million automobles@$40,000/unit. Interesting, every man, woman, and child in the USA owes the equivilant of a new luxury car. It’s not as bad as I thought.

Lets get serious, How is this going to be paid?

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