I have been a regular ebay buyer for about the last fifteen years or so. Having a worldwide marketplace has really changed the way I/we buy stuff. I have bought a variety of things over the years. All the parts for a computer, a guitar, a microphone, and the list goes on. Prices so low I didn’t have to compare. It’s fun.

A few weeks ago something happened that never happened before. The price of something I wanted was lower at the hardware store than on ebay. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I checked it several times, there was no mistake. It is a coffee grinder. It’s a good Cuisinart with a hopper. I have one identical and after years of daily use the head of the grinder is just blunt. So we decided to just buy a new one. The prices on ebay were higher than I expected and with the cost of shipping it just put the price point over the top. The hardware store has it’s own in-house shipping so there was no extra cost for it. That made the difference. So, now, ebay sellers, for the first time, have competition. From, of all places, Canadian Tire. It is a wild, wild world. 🙂

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