I found this article:http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/28538/Jettison-the-Constitution/

I missed this article when it first came out. It seems there was not very much interest. I know the feeling. I will accept “jettison the constitution” as a point of view. I do not agree. It is not that simple. The problems with the country and the world were not caused by the USA constitution. The flaws in the document could not be avoided. The original constitution was so important that I believe the founding fathers made some hard choices and hoped things would be improved in the future. Many of these improvements have not yet happened but that is no reason to completely reject the idea of a constitution.


The USA constitution as it sits may have to be completely rewritten. However, for myself, I will not accept a new constitution unless it is formally accepted and ratified by congress. Until then, I will defend it exactly as it is.

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