I saw a news clip somewhere. Brad Pit and wife Angelina Jolie are spearheading a massive campaign to stamp out rape in war zones. There is a lot of support from the well dressed people at conventions, of course. Who could/would defend it?  I don’t understand why the media tries so hard to sanitize it. Why do we not call out these cowards with every humiliating and demeaning phrase that was ever written? They are the lowest of the low. A man’s own mother should spit in his face for this. Held down by his father if necessary. They should be disinherited and disowned with malice. Anything they ever said should be disregarded. George Washington ordered that a wooden cross mark the site of Benedict Arnold’s grave because he didn’t want his name commemorated in brass or stone. As I understand it. The family, to this day, does not mention his name. I think this sums up the sentiment.

Take away any possible status that could possibly exist and I think the problem will be exponentially diminished.

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