Why is socialism still surviving? Why is it not rejected for an obviously better system? Are there worse systems?

We started with Kings and/or Tyrants. Everyone postured for advantage against the monarch’s whims. Such beautiful clothes masking such cut-throat treachery. Socialism was such a huge improvement over that almost the whole world adopted it. We get to vote once in a while. If things get really bad we can complain and the government can’t just kill us. Although they may resort to slander.

It leaves tons of room for politicians to develop. Controlling votes becomes so entrenched in the system almost everyone forgets in was supposed to be a free vote. There are several big flaws in a so called democratic vote. One is you will get almost nothing done because there is no deal to which 100% of the voters will agree on. So then, the rules are changed so you only need a majority, 51%. This is the tyranny of the majority. Even this is too inefficient because many people, having a choice, will not vote. So we degenerate to a place where only 51% of the people that vote are needed. Socrates was ordered to be put to death by a vote because he strongly and vehemently disagreed with the council he belonged to. I wasn’t there of course, but it appears to have been a violation of freedom of speech and an eternal condemnation of democracy.  None of this is news. Alas, this recreates a feudal system that “the people” were trying to get rid of.

I believe Socialism is a logical step forward from a typical feudal tyranny, but it is not a place to stop as it will quickly degenerate back to dark times.  No matter what fashion finery groups wear, a mob is a mob. A mob that takes valuables from individuals is committing suicide because almost nobody will continue to create values they are not allowed to keep.  Individuals require protected rights. The government body violating  individual rights means the society in question is going down the tubes. It is pretty simple to understand.


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