When I start a big one like this I usually say something like: “If I’m an expert on this we are all in a lot of trouble”, but here goes:
We, as philosophers, have to familiarize ourselves with the bulk of the old guard philosophers, of course. That’s grammar school level. Early High School level we start to notice the connections between all of them and the contradictions. I have noticed very few people making historical timeline connections between them all. I think it is important that we familiarize ourselves with where these Individuals were in there philosophical development. For example: It is reasonable to assume that most of them had, at least, access to to writings of philosophers that came before. It’s perfectly logical to read to the leading edge of a science and proceed from there. It is usually easy to see the philosophers they favor and that’s OK. I believe we must keep in mind the history of the times for context. Without it, we will be making value judgments on ancient times with modern standards and that would be backwards. It is possible that some of the old guard philosophized in intellectual vacuum. As such, their insights might be very insightful. However we should keep this in mind when we read their stuff. These should be considered the exception.
In late High School of our development. I believe we should start to realize that the answers we are looking for are not written in ancient Greek or Hebrew. Probably not in ancient Chinese either. We are going to have to break some new ground. That’s the scary part. The blank page of raw creativity. It’s easy to bath in current events. However, I believe we must be careful not to waste too much time at it as none of us has it to waste.
In the early years of the University of our development. I believe we should be trying to figure out what we should actually do. It is not self-evident.
The professorship of our development is self-explanatory, but should only be done if everything else is done first. Missing steps will flaw our work in the field. Miss Rand gave us a wonderful Philosophy, it is complete. However, She did not tell us what to do with it.
That is our job to create.

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