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John Locke, Chap#5: Of property

I was reading John Locke again this week end. First time in a while. I found a situation in the ownership of property I hadn’t thought of before.

Paraphrasing: John Locke felt if someone picked acorns or apples, the goods were theirs as soon as picked. he only need use them or even give them away before they spoiled or else he took more than his share and robbed others. It is indeed a foolish thing, as well as dishonest to hoard what you cannot use.

What sort of lesson is this? Use everything you need and sell the rest perhaps? Don’t keep a lot of clutter in your life? Is there some socialist aspect to this? Is it a warning to not waste your time?

He goes on to say that money is an agreement between men by mutual consent for a lasting thing that would keep without spoiling. Paraphrasing: He goes on to say that the invention of money made it possible to continue and enlarge their fortune. For without the concept of money a person would only produce what they need for themselves and their closed society, The people they know.

John Locke seems to be indicating that ongoing and expanding commerce should be an integral part of our lives. That tends to reject socialism as a proper system.

I can’t wait to read more.

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  1. Prodos

    I just LOVE John Locke’s thinking!

    It’s been about six months since I read/re-read Locke.

    Now you’ve inspired me to read him yet again! Thanks! 🙂

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