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Knowledge is Power

It has been said that knowledge is Power.

Knowledge is a book sitting on a shelf, unread.

When you read the book and extract very kernel of value, combine that with your physical, mental and emotional skills for the pursuit of your goals.

That is Power.

The method for taking your raw physical, mental, and emotion talents and molding them into the tools you need to acheve your goals.

That is Education.

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  1. Howdy!

    I just saw your link to “Music Collaborations”.

    Are you a musician?

    Have you ever made use of or ?
    If so, can you tell me if they’re good?
    I regularly hire arrangers or keyboardists to work on my songs.

    Thanks. 🙂

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  2. Am I a musician? I like to think so. I have been stuck in a town where the only band plays wooly bully 6 times a night. I must practice by myself.

    I play Bass, sing, write songs, Struggle at engineering, If I give myself credit, I’ll say I play fair rythum guitar. Lead still eludes me. I let my wife buy me a Strat for my birthday in April, on ebay. Heck of a deal. USA strat for $250.00. I have been playing a Gibson L6 for about fifteen years but I just couldn’t get the speed I wanted with it. It’s better for blues anyway. is good, not so good. There are more at that link. None work to well on the dailup I have. My phone company says broadband will be here any month, can’t wait.

    Do you by any chance know a guy named: Jimmy Barnes. I was just listening to him today. Freight train heart, 1988. It said the fan club was out of Sydney. It’s good Rock, that’s hard to find these days.

    What music editor do you use?

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