What does this mean? I usually turn a deaf ear to this kind of political babble but I believe this is our part of a speech where the leader of the Communist party endorsed Barrack Obama. Yes endorsed. The Communist Party USA leader, Sam Webb intends to endorse Barrack Obama in 2012. It boggles the mind.
First, for the leader of any political party to endorse the leader of another party is a contradiction of a scale I have trouble quantifying. It can’t happen. The only thing for that guy to do is quit his party and cross the floor. Something he seems to have no intention of doing. He seems proud of his stand.
Second, Barrack Obama can’t sit still for this. He must do something. An individual in the USA is of course free to say most anything, but the president should immediately reject all objectionable tenets of communism again, for the record. To sit quietly is to endorse them. It will also empower the communist party in the USA in a way never before imaginable.
It often amazes and frequently frustrates me how much difference it makes whom is elected president of the USA. The individuals of the world usually know within a month or two of an election how it is going to be. The last four presidents have been one train wreck after another and I’m not sure about Reagan. It shouldn’t matter who is president, but it does. The individuals of this world require a better individual in that office.

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