It has come to my attention that such a thing is possible. People who walk the walk, talk the talk, even become speakers on the subject that do not believe it, not at all, not for a second. How is this possible? Why? Are these people trying to be spies? There is not very much to hide in Objectivism. The more you learn about Objectivism the more clear it is that it is only reason that individuals of this philosophy are interested in. I don’t care what the truth is, I only want the truth wherever it may be found.
When I come across one of these people I usually that them at face value, at least at first. I don’t change myself. I still talk about my philosophy. About the improvements that could be made in the world if? They usually slip away in a short time. At first, It was a little disappointing. However, as time when on, I came to realize it was the test and they failed. I don’t mean to test people, they are the ones doing the testing.
Sometimes I can actually be suckered. I stand in good company. I believe we want to believe in people. To see the best in them. I think, in a way they also want to be that “best”. All to often however, they do not and will actually go against themselves. It’s a sad sight every time. To be an Objectivist a person has to make up their to be alone if necessary and it’s hard.
Chin up! I believe there will come a day when we will all wish we were alone again.

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