I have been criticized for my opinions on the politics of the USA. I have been advised that I am Canadian, The goings on in the USA are none of my concern and I should concentrate on Canadian politics. I find this hard.

The world we live in is more and more┬ácosmopolitan, in the true meaning of the word. Everything that happens these days affects everyone. I can’t see how it matters what country I live in. I try to make positive change in the world. It is only logical I should place my effort where it will do the most good. Whatever they do in the USA, most of the world follows, my country included. So what does it matter? No man is an island? That goes for countries as well. I once learned that nationalism was an experiment. It seems it wasn’t always like this with closed, guarded, restricted borders everywhere.

Countries that did try to close their borders completely were left behind, too embarrassing conclusions. Too save face, most have had to reopen them. So what’s the difference between cross-border commerce and cross-border political activism? If I know enough about a subject for intelligent comment, why shouldn’t I say it? I can’t live in denial and pretend the USA doesn’t exist. So why not try and change it? They have free-speech there. At least they are holding on to it with their fingernails. There is fear there that I don’t feel. I can say what I want.

Aim for the philosophical root of any subject and put it under a magnifying glass until it’s hot.

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