Reprinted from my own blog-jeffsobjectivistcorner@yahoo .com-Sun Dec 7, 2003 2:15 pm

>Jeff Olstad
>Hi there,
>I have been told I don’t expand my writing enough, oh well. I was trying
>be philosophical and poetic, write something that might fit on a card. I
>think all of the Constitutions of all of the Countries of the world need
>be rebuilt. Which ever Country is first to build a truly Objectivist style
>of constitution I believe will set the pattern others follow, simply
>it will be so successful it will be unavoidable. I am trying to help
>become accustomed to the idea of changing the constitution. Lots of people
>won’t like it, most will find it scary, but if people start talking about
>like it is at least possible then when the time comes for the serious work
>it might not be so scary.
>Retirement Party for Sir Constitution
> Here’s to a great man, Old man Constitution, Sir. On the job 227
>years now. He is not your typical old man, he is not infirm in mind
>or body. He stands alone and does his job. Keeping our government on
>the straight and narrow. He will continue as long as we want him to.
>He was conceived in a revolution. Spent his youth in the turmoil of
>a nation forming and continues to give valid guidance in our
>changing world. He a little quiet, has a slight tendency to repeat
>himself. But many have gone home bruised and bleeding, physically
>and mentally, mistaking this for weakness.
> He did his job through times when people were quickly hanged for
>stealing horses and is as happy as anyone these times are long past.
>He is 227 years now and he knows he can’t change, not enough. He
>wants his retirement. He wants to meet his replacement, get to know
>him (or her) and rest his mind that the job is well taken care of.
>Until then he will continue, in his quiet way, without complaint.
>I was referring to the US constitution, but it could be anyones. I was
>trying to say we are safe, nothing bad or unpredictable is going to happen
>in relation to the constitution. Changing the constitution needs to be
>strictly above board, done neatly and cleanly, with a seemless transition
>from the old one. everybody knows whats happening. we all have time to
>adjust. The old constitution will be there for us until the moment new one
>is ready, just like a changing of the watch on a ship, the new person
>there, gets his bearings, aquaints themself with any problems or issues
>happening at that moment, and then says “you are relieved”. Thats just my
>Good Day

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