I think I may have coined a phrase. “Altruist Philosophies” does not appear to be in use on Google. At least up to now. From now on I intend to use it to lump together all philosophies that cannot sustain themselves. It’s a pretty exhaustive list that includes most philosophies. However, there are one or two that can sustain themselves with only suicidal tendencies.

I want to put these philosophies  into perspective. Strip their vague, misty, aloof image down to “OK, what have you got for me”. Most will not fare well at all. One or two need a smack and a shake. People need to shop for a philosophy like a jaded used car buyer. They might opt to buy a new untested model instead. The new Objectivist by Rand. “You’ve have never seen anything like it”.

Post Script: After making this post and running the search again Google managed to find 129 results for “altruist philosophies” Oh well, There will be more soon.

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