How would an Objectivist go about constructing a constitution?

Rights and Responsiblities

When a new constitution finally comes out I think what we will be looking at is a document that has not only rights but mention of responsibility as well. That is one thing that I noticed about the USA constitution. Rights are scattered from one end to the other, no systematic presentation. Rights are vague and open to too much interpretation. Government on the other hand has most of the power with little mention of its responsibilites. We need something that clearly defines limits of government power and confirms individual rights and spells out individual responsibilites. Miss Rand indicated that government should be small, but how small and what do we do if it gets to big or continues to do inappropreate things. It’s going to have to be individual citizens that make the effort to change it. The government will never reform itself and frankly would be a disaster if it tried. A committee with political agenda’s will never be able to build a decent constitution. So what are the key components of a constitution?

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  1. Ted

    Hi Jeff, I found your site. The Freedom Party of Ontario has a provincial constitution. You’ve probably seen it already, but if you haven’t: You can see its constitution in “publications.”

    I’ve read it, and like the unalterable aspect of individual liberty of personal fulfulment and property.

    I’m running as a candidate for Brampton West where I live. The Freedom Party for the first time has enough candidates to form a majority. The work now is getting the ideas and election platforms out for voters to see. The party has made great strides and accomplishments this election.

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