Do you ever remember seeing a movie where a group of adventurers is hiking through the Amazon delta or the Himilayas or on safaria in Africa, stumble into a bar, and there sits an old piano, and the most amazing thing anyone in the picture sees is that someone in their party knows how to play? That person complains it’s out of tune.

How did it get there? How did a 500 pound item from Chicago land up in Katmandu? Shipping. Even the person in Katmandu who orginally bought the piano knew little of their piano’s journey, except for the cost of it. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, it could be a house or a letter. Thousands of people do their part to get it delivered.

No one living today does not have a part in the shipping industry. If you could find a person, living in a cave that made their own clothes for animal skin, maybe then. If they have a can of soup in that cave they participate in the shipping industry. Not just a simple connection to the local store either, The whole thing, right from the ancient messipitameians, Through the development of metal, and language, accounting, everything that made our modern world. There has been a world wide economy, as long as there has been shipping. Order it, and it will come, Magic.

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