For all our talk of Capitalism, Business, free enterprise, Individual rights, etc: We talk very little of success. I found this link that quickly describes the steps to success:

I don’t see any reason they could not be used for philosophical or political pursuits. The first rule is no safety net. Politicians and bureaucrats love so called social safety nets. Planning a safety net is planning failure from the word go. Someone once said never introduce your wife as your future ex. I think this is the essence of the thought.

Effort: Successful people work really hard. Physical, mental and emotional effort.

Conventional wisdom says don’t reinvent the wheel. Well no, that’s already been done. If you pursue opportunities that have already been done you will probably have modest success but not greatness. To achieve greatness you have to go where no one has gone before.

They sell. There is a law of thirds in business. 1/3 manufacturing, 1/3 development, 1/3 sales. It is the sales component that can make the difference between an average products success and a good products failure.

They admit mistakes: Something no judge, politician, or bureaucratic will do. Political types will do anything to avoid admitting a mistake. It is a fatal flaw and easy to spot. To a successful person failure is not even failure. It is only a momentary setback. A logical and necessary step to success.

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