I heard a shory on the radio recently. This guy with a Ph.D in philosophy was complaining that there are no jobs as philosophers. He ended up teaching History. This statement makes me shake my head on many different levels.

One: They are philosophers, If there really are no jobs in philosophyÂit is their job to say why.

Two: Where should these jobs be? Also a philosphers job to say, I will assist: MinisterÂof Philosophy, Major General of Philosophy, Vice-president in charge of philosophy, Philosophy editor, School assistant superintendant in charge of philosophy, Overseeing Philosopher in charge of water, power, and road systems.

Three: There are jobs in philosophy. They are just not called that. Writers, editors, bureaucrats in charge of making public decisions, Judges, Religious ministers, You get the idea.

It won’t work with anyone that ever tries to sidestep responsiblity. Whatever their decision they must stick with it and back it up with the best documentation avaliable, or resign. It will be something to see.

I heard a singer/musician say something that I think applies. If you do it as a hobby, expect hobby results. To get the best results you must do it fulltime.

That’s it for today

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