It was 42 celceius yesterday. That’s hot even for Lytton. I wanted something new on the page. I have been thinking about the music industry lately. They have a problem and so far solutions are vuage. The rules have not kept up with technology. How do you protect intellectual property rights of music in such a slippery world as the internet, without crushing the rights of everyone else there?

I think the answer might be to sell the rights too the songs, one person at a time. Register your name on every song buy. You don’t buy a song twice, weither you keep a copy or not it’s yours. You may retrieve another copy at a later time if you want to. If everyone owns a little piece of the song it should be self-policing. The way it is now it’s a conspiracy of silence. nobody says anything because most everyone has someƂunregistered copies.

Also the music industry has to get real, not every song ever recorded is worth a dollar and frankly who would pay $5000.00 to fill an MP3 player. Coupons, bulk purchases, sales, demo pricing etc., all must be considered.

Also the presentation, Personally I don’t want to spend my life uploading songs to my MP3 player. It would be worth a modest fee to have the songs selected and loaded for me, doesn’t that sound like a new industry?

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