It occurs to me that there may be a language barrier here. I have tried to get an online translater for arabic and kurd, but they do not seem to exist. I have read a comparisons of christianity and islam. They are not so different. It is difficult to even find a key point that is worth fighting over.

There is a story I heard recently that indicates the language barrier goes both ways. A Canadian was kidnapped in Iraq, held for a few months and then rescued by British Forces, many thanks. In the interview, He told a storyƂabout Chrismas that year. He said his captors missed chrismas by a couple of days. Anyway, somehow somewhere they learned of their oversight. They didn’t understand the chrismas celibration but they somehow figured out it had something to do with Jesus Christ’s birthday. So these people baked a cake and sang happy birthday. What a sweet, sad, headspinning headache of a misunderstanding.

Is it possible the whole conflict is just a misunderstanding?

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