The way the news media runs itself has been a sore spot with me for a long time. MaybeÂI just notice it more now but their political biased seems to bear it’s naked soul more often then it used too.

I have, of course, been watching the bs, I mean conflict in the middle east. It disturbs me that every single bomb and casualty that lands on the Lebannon side of the border is reported and the media does it’s best to downplay the bombs that land in Israel.

Israel has been under almost daily attack for years (decades). Israel has apparently had enough. They have started retaliating right away. The world media raves about the “innocent civilians” on the islam side of the war. Hardly a mention of them in Israel. Apparently there are no innocent civilians in Israel. Not even children on a school bus. Did they think I would forget?

This one sided reporting could be no accident and is unforgivable.

I have seen the “six o’clock news” deliberately confuse issues by saying they didn’t understand them. The news media doesn’t have the Right to proudly say they don’t understand something. It’s their job to know, and find out if they truly don’t know.

The news media lets us down everyday and I’m tired of it.

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