How would an Objectivist go about constructing a constitution?

Philosophical War

It has occurred to me that the whole premise of modern war is all messed up. We fight the believers but not their belief. Why? Because they won’t listen to reason perhaps. I say perhaps because has anyone ever tried? Ayn Rand left us a ton of fully thought out information. Has anyone made a talk show about it? I understand Dr. Peikoff has a radio show local to LA, but is that even to the level of a four times daily, in your face, Judge show?

We are going to war, thousands of people getting killed andÂthe opponentsÂare afraid of a debate. Why are we fighting? Let’s have the truth a six year old could understand. Let’s talk about it. People are dying and the world leaders and the media are protecting the Status Que of BS. Does anyone have the bravery to sit in a quiet room and talk about the hardest subjects in the world without theatrics?

It’s very hard for an Objectivist. How do you do that with a nut?

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  1. Jim

    Actually, on Over the Top (, I am planning a series of interviews based upon Ted Robert Gurr’s findings that three types of counterterrorism efforts have been effective historically in combating terrorism in the West: backlash, reform, and deterrence.

    According to his historical study, deterrence without either backlash and reform has been unsuccessful.

    Backlash policies starve terrorist organizations of support by making violence an unacceptable means of trying to achieve political change not only in the population at large but also within the terrorist organizations supporters. Planning interviews would focus separately on the role of intellectuals, media, leadership, and art in creating a backlash.

    While Gurr’s perspective on reform discusses making political concessions on issues terrorists use to gain supporters, these planned interviews will focus on the root of political reform: Justice. Separate interviews will focus on the relationship between Aristotle, Reason, Justice, Individual Rights, and Capitalism with creating political reform to counter terrorism.

    Regarding deterrence, the interviews will explore the failures of the Bush Administration’s moderate approach to warfare and examine the proper basis for ending the state sponsors of terrorism.

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  2. Trimmerman1

    Hi Jim,

    That’s just what I was talking about. It looks like Ted Robert Gurr is all over it already. It’s not easy for me to squeeze a solidvox through my dailup ISP but I am going to try this time.

    Great comment, It makes this worth doing.

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