I think I mentioned Google trends before. I have been experimenting with it for a while. It is amazing for comparing general interest in subjects over time. They use a 10 year graph for everything. Google allows you to compare up to 5 search terms at a time and change individual ones to suit.

As a Sport, we are up against it in terms of popularity. We do beat out a few Sports. In complete seriousness they included: Alligator wrestling, Turtle Racing, Cockroach Racing, Camel Racing, Bicycle Polo, Cow Racing. Actually the Camel Racing had me worried but you get the Idea. A few Sports we didn’t beat include: Base jumping, sky diving, curling, Beer Pong, Mini Golf, Dodgeball. Tough competition.
Also interesting is neither Objectivism or any of the Sports I mentioned beats a general Philosophy or Politics search query. As sports, Politics and Philosophy in general crush Objectivism and novelty Sports. You mentioned Chess, It compares well with Politics/Philosophy, beating them by only about 50% except during major elections. Now if you compare Sports like Football, Hockey, Baseball. Football scales at 75%, Baseball and Hockey hit 10-20%, and Politics and Philosophy are 2-3%, We don’t do well against the big boys. Football is definitely where we want to be but we are a few levels below that. Before we can go for power we have to beat Beer Pong and start competing with Politics/Philosophy head to head. Perhaps beating Chess is a logical goal.
One other thing. Politics and Philosophy in general have almost identical interest, Following each others peaks and valleys. They go together. I think we should be aiming for that level of interest right away.
Juggling statistics is very interesting to me. I could do this part. Also, there is a little Math, Psychology, and card play. It’s a lot to do at once but the payoff could be huge.

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