Back when I was in high school, that’s about five minutes before the PC and VCR’s. If you wanted music you listened to the radio or a vinyl record. The wealthy bought 8-track tapes. The broke made their own with borrowed LP’s and blank tapes. Then came cassette’s, which to it’s credit have held on to a modest market in it’s obsolesence. CD’s did OK until recorders became available. Now everything is available.

You can listen to good quality music on TV, you can download mp3’s, you can listen to radio stations from anywhere in the world, Am/Fm is still vital, on top of convention retail media.

What does it all mean? Knowone in the history of recorded media has had such variety of music to listen to, and so cheap.

I remember when the best radio station in the air was an AM station so far awayÂthe signalÂwaved in and out most days. The station still exists but I don’t remember the last time anyone admitted to listen to it.

The hardest part about music listening now is finding the time for it. It’s freedom

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