I just got back from Hawaii, I had a good time. I found it an interesting microcosym of the Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. Very interesting Archetecture there, it really fits. Form follows function. No gargoyles. Quiet Central A/C, no furnaces as it rarely goes below 80 degrees F. On the windward side of the island many structures were built on stilts with only car parking or a modest shed under the building. Smart, when you consider that waves regularly wash well up the beach, waves that easily wash away ground level structures pass harmlessly underÂthe raised buildings. Low pitch or flat roofs everywhere, no danger of snow.

The Atlas Shrugged part is the strange antaganism towards business. Government interference has killed the sugarcane industry. There is no more sugarcane on Oahu. Regulated to death. Pineapples are almost gone, same reason. The number one industry is Tourism, It won’t pay the bills. It won’t employ everyone. There is no privately owned land in Hawaii. It is all leased from the government, so the potential for political interference in real estate is completely unlimited. A person can’t own land so it is very difficult to invest money there, everything is very expensive there, it is hard to calculate potential for profit. The place needs individual property rights.


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