Hi Everyone,

I doubt if this movie will make the big list for philosphy movies this year but I think it does. It’s about a guy that carefully chooses how he is going to die. He did not want to live anymore after a tragic accident on his honeymoon that killed his wife and six passengers on a bus. So he decided to give away seven organs out of his body. He chose the people he wanted to have them. He set up a friend to fight for the placement of these organs. He wanted everyone he chose to know the details of who had what organ and why they were chosen. He did seem to fall in love with one of people he chose but he did not let that stop him as she would have died without the organ.

This movie is the only one I know that allows a sane healthy individual to choose the way he is to die. This is something that no government in the world would permit legally. It’s a pity, It seemed like a very comforting way to go, knowing you would be remembered in such an intimate way by seven people.


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