I am so disgusted I can hardly contain myself. I know that the music industry highly politicial. It always has been. However, it still saddens me that something like this could happen. Allen Lambert is perhaps the best singer of all time. He sings Queen and Led Zeppelin better than the original. Impossible but true. He is a consummate proformer that will dwarf that crowned Idol, Kris Allen. The guy cannot compete. He sits on stage and strums a guitar. The show was rigged and most everyone knew it. I’m still sore that Melinda Dolittle did not win three years ago. It’s not true they all succeed. Melinda is still waiting for a call. She has done everything she can that does not cost too much money but time is not on her side here. Adam Lambert will not be kept down so easy. Kris Allen is Idol, It’s too big for you, man. It is going to eat you, Congratulations.


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