From Jeff Olstad

It occurs to me, I hear a lot of noise that basically says how everyone else in the world is going to have to learn Objectivism by themselves. We had to learn that way so everyone else can too. So all the other major Philosophies in the world have: Church every week, Conventions, TV shows, audio tapes, magazines and news papers, In some cases, house to house canvasing.

We have conventions true, but all the other philosophies work hard every day promoting their stuff to people one on one and we don’t. I once suggested to someone we start a church or perhaps even take one over. The answer I got was no, we don’t want to do it that way.

Howard Roark built a church to glorify man. We think we can tell people how to live, Right and wrong, Origins of life, How to base everyday life on reality. The list goes on and it’s everything churches try to do.

All mainstream religions are hopelessly messed up, so they in turn mess up a lot of people. However, their method is time tested. It will work for success just as easily and well as for failure.

Why not?


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