Over here in BC Canada, we had a petition, signed by 700,000 angry taxpayers against a new tax. It’s called the Harmonized sales tax, HST. There is little harmony going on right now. A judge said it was legal and there is a big campaign to recall every Member of the Legislative Assembly, MLA, that voted for it. Our Premier, “Governor” is trying to stall, but I think he has his hands full. I hope he ends up selling used cars. As I understand it, We Canadians are taxed much more heavily than Citizens of the USA. However, you guys are getting caught up and you don’t like it, not one bit. As Canadians, we complain way more than citizens of the USA. We are not afraid of a visit from the Men in Black because we know our government cannot afford them. The government cannot take anymore from us and if they put us in jail we won’t be able to pay taxes anymore.
BUT! Having the government actually screw up so bad as to focus our anger on one particularly offensive new tax is a little unusual and interesting. The fallout from this is only just beginning. It’s like the smell of a fine chef’s kitchen.

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