Hi Prodos,
I wrote this some years ago before I had internet. I remembered writing it and I just found it. We have something called a Young Offenders Act. Started in the early seventies, I believe similar laws exist most places with similar results.

Young Offenders Act:

This is a story of little Damien.
-Three years old, smashes his mother over the head with a wine bottle. 16 stitches on her forehead. “He was just playing, he didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”
-Five years old, He takes out the eye of a playmate swordfighting at kindergarden. “He didn’t mean to, they were just excited.”
-Twelve years old, Little Damien and five buddies grab a girl from there class, drag her to the furnace room and gangrape her. “You can’t ruin the lives of these six boys just because of one wonton little trolip. Besides, her not ever being able to have children will save the taxpayers a ton of money because she won’t ever be a welfare mom.” Six months probation.
-Forteen years old, Little Damien steals a car, He and two buddies go joyriding. Little Damien rolls the car. His two buddies are killed, the car is totalled. Little Damien receives a 2cm gash on chin. “What a tragic loss. Two young men with their whole lives ahead of them. Poor little Damien horribly disfigured by the 2cm gash on his chin. Maybe he can grow a beard.” Two years probation.
-Fifteen years old, Young Offenders Act Revised: Zero tollerance on bullies: Young Damien and two buddies hospitalize a classmate. Damien says, “The little bookworm attacked me and my two buddies.” Damien and his two buddies receive victims counselling and a check from Victims Services to ease their suffering. The little bookworm comes out of his coma and is sent to juvenile detention for assault for six months. He is systematically sodomized and never gets both feet out of a mental institution again.
-Seventeen years old, Young Damien kills a man in a bar fight. He is raised to adult court. It’s his first offence as an adult. It was an accident. Two years probation and a $500.00 fine for underage drinking.
-Eighteen years old, Young Damien holds up a bank. Kills two police officers in car chase and shoot out. Sentenced to death row without possibility of parol. “His life was just beginning, Where did we go wrong?”
I hope this story is utter fiction, I did not laugh when I wrote it.

Jeff Olstad

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