From Jeff Olstad

Do you ever remember joking about fashion police, busy-bodies that think they know something about clothes.

Well in France, it is no joke. Yesterday I heard about a law in France. It goes something like this. If a woman were to walk down the street in Paris carrying an imitation Gucci purse. She could be arrested and fined 360,000 Euros. Now, I’m an Objectivist minded individual. Property rights are very dear to my heart. There is a valid point about intellectual property rights here. I cannot however condone this. I don’t want to have to care if the made in bangladash garment I am wearing was somehow somewhere been copied from a Paris fashion. France is off the list of places I have any desire to go because of this law. Nothing that country has to offer can make up for this.

The problem of how to protect intellectual property rights needs a solution, to be sure, but Facism is not it.

Let’s try again, shall we?

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